Two years ago, started a bold experiment in community organizing.

This new domain and website became a portal for people who share the idea that the world should be free.

We made a library, beautiful guides to practical issues, forums to keep the conversation going, member chat, and a full friendship network. There was even more: live shows, a publishing platform, a podcasting network!

It’s been a wild and wonderful ride. And we’ve had so much support! From the very beginning, attracted a wide range of donations. In fact, this site had one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the liberty space. In addition to that, as a way to develop such phenomenal resources, we have asked for a subscription fee to defray costs.

Did it work? Yes!

When I think about the number of startups that fail compared with those that succeed, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Our community is awesome. We have a beautiful site culture of warmth, engagement, and civility.

Our influence on the world has been magnificent. I see it everywhere. Indeed, has changed the way people think about strategy. It has opened up new possibilities.

We are ready for the next stage. What is it? Following the model of Facebook, Gmail, and many other services, we are opening up even further. We are eliminating the subscription altogether. What this means is that anyone who loves liberty can join us.

➜  Invite your friends… It’s free!

People ask: if not through subscriptions, how will you fund this going forward? The usual answer is advertising. We are reluctant to go that direction given how this has affected other sites. will not ever become click bait. We exist for you, not as real estate to sell you things. I have no problem with advertising of course, but it is a matter of ethos so far as I’m concerned. must always be about its users first.

From the outset, I’ve sensed a strong desire to support what we are doing here. We saw it in the opening funding campaign. I hear about the desire to continue that support every day.

So here is what we are doing. We are opening this city in the cloud for the world to move in. At the same time, we are adding a new way to support what we are doing: a donation button. You can use whatever works for you (Bitcoin, PayPal, and so on). This is how we will keep the lights on.

In discussing this change with people, I’ve been warned about the risks. Well, I’m rather used to risks by now. Risking the impossible is how we’ve come this far. I think this same approach will make even bigger and better.

We desperately need this now. The political process has become absolutely egregious in all its mainstream incarnations. Socialism? Please. Fascism? Disgusting, and so last century.

Liberty is the way forward. But if it is going to happen, we will need to bypass the political process. We need to start living what we believe.

Experience what it means to engage with each other and exchange ideas so that we all learn more… and live freer lives.

➜  Help us grow…

Join me as we undertake this new stage in the life of our beloved space in the cloud.

Here’s to a beautiful future!



Jeffrey Tucker

P.S. I’ll have more announcements in the near future. You are going to love it!